And pours on the bile

I didn't steal him from you. Daddy thought it was best for me to maary him first.

I knew you had no confidence. I accuse you of stealing my boy, and you blame it on Daddy.

And don't give me any jive about secret codes. Your friends among the Sages invented that one, too. Look at the verses. Our case is a direct parralel to how Yaakov tricked Yitzchak. There were no codes them - Yitzchak was fooled because he was blind - and there were no codes with use either (Yaakov was fooled because it was dark.)

Of course you're denying the codes. You're daddy's daughter after all.

Says you. Our sainted father-in-law seemed to think he had some good in him. And the Sages did too (at least the ones who lived before Rome did)

Of course he had "some" good in him. Or Aunt Rivka would have never allowed him to keep his coat in her house.

It was just a gift. Yaakov, in his later life, was such a suck-up.

A gift?!? Gosh. "Ki Hashochad Ye'aver" must really be true.

The man I married was a wrestler, a fighter, but after that emasculating meeting with Esav he became such a wimp.

That's what happens when you start up with gods angels.

Reuven stole his concubine,

And paid dearly for it.

Shimon and Levi over ruled his authority and attacked Shkem. Etc. Not the man I married at all.

Shame on you. While you were blogging "Chilul Hashem!" They took revenge for your daughters sake.

No, I stayed home because I was proper bas yisroel. unlike you.

There you go again, insulting me as usual.

Lavan had sons. Why didn't they take the sheep out?

'cause they were busy pirating their stolen Gods.

Why did you run to play with the shepherds?

Those b*st*rds. They made me wait for hours to drink the sheep.

And I bet you liked it when Yaakov kissed you EVEN BEOFRE YOUR FIRST DATE.


What a zona you are.

Rather a whore than a cheat.


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