Rachel spits back

You, Rachel, were never ever that nice to me, and all I stole from you was a guy.

How ungrateful of you. Could you imagine the shame and embarresment had I not shared with you the "secret codes"? And it was I who took care of Daddy's sheep, while you stayed at home. Yes, it was I who met him at the well, and then you dare steal him from me?!?

Yaakov, on the other hand, took his siblings birthright

That monstrous lentil fresser didn't deserve it.

And Esva forgave him all the same.

Silly, did you see with how much Yakkov bribed his idiot brother?

Let me explain why the Midrash said I was a crybaby. It is because the word rakos is weird. The Midrash doesn't like weird words, preferring a smooth and non-confusing text, so the great Rabbis of the midrash darshaned a solution. Mazal Tov. It's a nice vort.

Its a true one also. That's why you didn't take Daddy's sheep out. You were too embarressed to be seen like that.

Love your big sister, who had SIX count 'em SIX sons.

Ha! They all came bowing like humble slaves to my Yosse'le.

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