Sarah Enters the Fray

Kinderlach, kinderlach, please don’t argue. After all my grandson Yaakov had his hand full with the both of you. You should have appreciated everything he did for you. Leah my kiynd, those children should have kept you busy, why were you “going out” so much; and Dina followed in your footsteps. You see what happened. Rachel my kiynd, now you are crying for all your grandchildren who are lost on the way. Now you know what crying means. But my taireh maidela your day is coming when your dear Yosef who once saved your kinderlach from the Mitzriim will return as our long-awaited Moshiach ben Yosef and finally bring us all back to our Father Above.

Listen to the wisdom of your Bubby.
Bubby, Sarah Imeinu | | Email | 12.01.06 - 12:21 pm | #

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